---b o r n again;
I was given a second change. A second chance to make things right. A second change to live how I should have lived before. And I won't mess up this time.

[indie AU blog for Bill Forbes, formerly a part of the TVD High School AU]

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Bill and Johnfuture

"So… how should we do this?"
    Shit, I don’t know, dude.”
       ”What do I tell…them?”
           "Uh, say you’re moving with— Steve."
                             "It’s my middle name."
                                     ”Okay— Steve it is.”
                                              "Love you, goofball."
                                                               “Love you too.”

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[ in our canon—- he is Steve, the man Bill left Liz for, but it was always a secret and no one ever found out. It’s his middle name, oops. xD Go love him down guys. <3]




And I just pictured Thierry going to Nik like “—-you got me and my lover killed in the future. prick.” LMFAO anywho—- I DON’T KNOW HOW WE SHOULD START. ALMLDKSFND.

WELL, since neither Nik nor I know who Thierry is XD it would totally work! BUT DON’T KILL HIM!

As for the teen klalaric thing, how soon would he start to befriend them? Like, the next time he saw Nik? Or would he watch him first?

OH YEAH, YOU DON’T WATCH THE ORIGINALS. Nevermind. LMFAO. He’s my bb, that’s all you need to know. XD

Ummm—- I think he would watch at first, get to know them—- see their patterns and stuff. Then once he knows a bit about them both, then he’d approach them.

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What to say during sex

  • ooh
  • ee
  • ooh ahh ahh
  • ting
  • tang
  • walla walla bing bang
yourstrulykaterina-deactivated2 wondered,
"Top five ships (any fandom)"

Hmmm—— I’ll do OUAT because right now, that’s only fandom I can ship and actually care for it. Oops.

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